“As an Executive Director of a facility, I already have so much on my plate. Knowing that we have a trustworthy and dependable pharmacy to provide our medication takes a huge load off my shoulders. I know that the medicine will be delivered on time, packaged correctly, and any problems that may occur will be dealt with in a timely and professional manner.

I cannot begin to describe the ways that Guardian has not only helped improve the lives of our Residents, but the efficiency of our staff. They have a few different medication systems to choose from and help tailor those systems to meet the needs of each facility.

Our facility is a smaller facility, and we value the personal relationships that we have with each Resident and family. I wanted to recreate that with each organization that we work with. Guardian is the only pharmacy that I have worked with that truly treats each Resident that they serve as family. Each person that touches the medications, from receiving the order to delivering the medication, seems to have a personal investment. In every dealing I have had with Guardian, you can tell that the staff love their jobs and really care about the people they serve. ”

– Libby, Executive Director, Lakeview Manor