Guardian Pharmacy of South Georgia provides medications to outpatient consumers through various clinics throughout south Georgia. We are able to tailor our services to meet the needs of different types of clinics including Behavioral Health, Jails and work site clinics. Some of the services we offer are shown below:

  • 24 hour on-call pharmacist and consultation services
  • Consultation and back-up procedures in effect should any medication issues arise after hours
  • No complicated computerized phone system to confuse clients or caregivers
  • Direct delivery to consumer’s medication administration location
  • In-stock medications that align with the medicaid formulary and each clinics specific needs
  • Specialty packaging for clients with compliance concerns
  • Electronic patient charts including prescriptions and paperless faxing system
  • Delivery Manifest containing a detailed inventory of all medications being delivered to the residential facility

Drug regimen review

  • Medication profile from all current physicians are reviewed at every dispensing point
  • Potential drug interactions are evaluated
  • Notifications are made to clinical staff and clients of potential interactions
  • Duplication therapy is reported to MD’s

Billing Review

  • Itemized statements allow clients and caregivers the ability to see specific drug information including the dispense date and quantity dispensed along with the applicable co-pay
  • The billing team evaluates coverage by insurance
  • Contact is made as to continuation of dispensing if no coverage
  • If coverage for a medication is denied, the pharmacy contacts the individual as well as the healthcare staff so other options may be explored
  • Prior Authorization data collection, completion and submission

Refill Management

  • Upon utilization of the last refill, the pharmacy contacts the prescribing physician
  • If unable to obtain refill from physician, the healthcare provider and the client are notified

Cost Management

  • Medications are reviewed regularly with regards to costs
  • If medication is costly due to falling off the Formulary, notification is made to the prescribing physician for a possible substitution
  • Clients and caregivers are notified of any changes that are made as a cost savings to the patient